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Taylor, 19, California. Obsessed about too many things to list. I swear I'm really friendly, just talk to me!
In the process of turning my life around so please excuse the mess :)
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Friendly reminder that for the SPN season five premier, luciferiscoming trended worldwide, and P. Diddy freaked the fuck out and thought Satanists were coming onto Twitter, so he got the tag banned and trended godishere in response.

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i am mine.
before i am ever anyone else’s.


do kids honestly get peer pressured into doing drugs because i havent ever even seen a marijuana in my 19 years of life

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The third one. What?

Look at that last one a little closer.

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hue jackman


i showed this to my sister and she slapped me

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what would you say to your 10 year old self

lottery numbers

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*accidentally calls a teacher “bae”*

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my mom’s boyfriend was born on april 20 in 1969. his birthday is 4/20/69. there is literally no better day to be born.

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I was sitting on my friends bed with her when she came out as gay

and I was looking through a Chinese food pamphlet

so I put it down, looked at her and said “I was going to suggest ordering food but I see now you’d prefer to eat out”

and I don’t think she’s ever really forgave me  

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Fake Pockets: A How To

pretty much

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